Ordering, Delivery & Returns

Help! I haven’t received my order yet:

All orders placed before 12 pm Monday - Friday are processed the same day. Orders placed after 12 pm will be processed the following working day. Any orders placed after 12 pm on a Friday will be processed and sent out the following Monday.

Orders placed with Standard Shipping via Royal Mail usually take 3-7 working days. We ask customers to allow up to 10 working days on standard deliveries in case of any Royal Mail delays.

Next Day orders placed before 12 pm are processed the same day and sent out via DPD for UK orders. Orders placed after 12 pm will be processed the following working day.

International Orders:

For our international orders, we use Astro & Airmail and the costs are dependent on the weight/volume of the order.

Airmail International is up to 2 weeks.

Airmail Europe takes 3-5 days but please allow take 7-14 days before contacting us.

It can take approximately 1-2 days to process an order before being ready to ship via Astro/Airmail. See below for estimated delivery times for Europe:

Austria - 3 Days

Belgium - 2 Days

Bosnia - 4-6 Days

Bulgaria - 4-7 Days

Croatia - 4-6 Days

Czech Republic - 3-4 Days

Denmark - 3 Days

Estonia - 4-5 Days

Finland - 4-5 Days

France - 2-3 Days

Germany - 2-3 Days

Greece - 4-9 Days

Hungary - 4-5 Days

Iceland - 4-6 Days

Italy - 3-4 Days

Latvia - 4-6 Days

Lithuania - 4-6 Days

Luxembourg - 2 Days

Netherlands - 2 Days

Norway - 4-6 Days

Poland - 4-5 Days

Portugal - 4-5 Days

Romania - 4-6 Days

Serbia - 4-7 Days  

Slovakia - 3-4 Days

Slovenia - 4-5 Days

Spain - 3-4 Days

Sweden - 4-5 Days

Guernsey - 2 Day

Jersey - 2 Day

Isle of Man - 2 Day

Highlands - 2 Day

Northern Ireland - 2 Day

Republic of Ireland - 2 Day

International orders outside of Europe are sent through Astro via FedEx on priority shipping and can take 1-3 days.

Can I amend/ cancel my order?

If you feel you need to amend or cancel your order, please email within twenty minutes* to info@boucleme.co.uk. If your order has not yet been processed and ready to ship, we can contact our warehouse and ask them to amend or cancel.

*Please note that orders may be processed straight away, therefore we cannot guarantee that an order can be amended or cancelled if you email within the twenty-minute time frame.

Can I have a refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re not happy with your products. If you’re unsure about the best ways to use our products, get in touch with us at info@boucleme.co.uk before the 30 Day Guarantee is up.  We’ll be sure to offer you tips and advice on how to get the most out of your Bouclème products within 24 hours.  We can even recommend products that may be better suited and offer you an exchange of the item that doesn’t quite work for your hair.

We have a 30 Day Guarantee on all items except for the 100ml bottles/ travel sets. To process a refund*, please email info@boucleme.co.uk with your order number.

*Please note that a refund will be issued once the items have been confirmed as received by the warehouse.

What's my tracking number?

For UK orders, tracking numbers are only available for Next Day delivery via DPD. The tracking number will be included in your shipping confirmation email.

My tracking number doesn't work:

Oh no, if you’re having problems with your tracking number, email info@boucleme.co.uk with your order number & tracking info and we’ll help you figure out what the problem is.


Are your products vegan?

Our Curl Cream and Revive 5 Hair Oil are 100% vegan!

At the moment The Curl Defining Gel and Hydrating Hair Cleanser contain Xanthan Gum which we cannot guarantee will be strictly vegan as it may have been processed with an enzyme derived from eggs during production.

However, we have exciting news to share with you, when we replenish our stock in May the Xanthan Gum currently being used will be a vegan-friendly version, making it safe to use for vegans. If this is a concern for you we recommend waiting until July before placing an order to ensure that we have completely transitioned to the vegan version.

At this time, the Curl Conditioner, Intensive Moisture Treatment and Curl Cleanser contain honey, and we’re not currently looking to change this, simply because of the great benefits using honey offers. Curly hair thrives on moisture and honey is a great humectant which attracts moisture in the air and helps to hold it in combating any dryness leaving curls looking beautifully moisturised.

Can your products be used on children’s hair?

Yes, our products are perfectly safe for children’s hair.

What cleanser should I use?

The best cleanser for you depends on your scalp and curl type. Here is a guide to help you.

What Bouclème products do you recommend for me?

To give you the best possible advice about what products are suitable for your hair please send a picture to info@boucleme.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to offer tips on how best to use the products. You can also look at our blog for articles and stories that might be of interest to you.

How often should I wash my hair?

Always remember that curly hair loves moisture and water offers essential hydration. You can find out more about your hair type, texture and porosity on our website.

There are two types of wash:

  • Co-wash - conditioning based cleanser
  • Shampoo - foam based cleanser

Loose curls: We recommend to wash hair once every 2 - 3 days,  loose curls are often fine and if you use a lot of styling products, can lead to greasy or oily scalp. To make sure your curls stay healthy and defined, cleanse the scalp of build up regularly.

Medium curls: Cleanse hair 1-2 times a week to maintain optimum hair hydration.  Medium curls can look great with a little bit of a refresher or co-wash, style with the Curl Defining Gel or Curl Cream.

Tight, coily curls type: Wash hair at least once a week, you can refresh curls during the week by using a spray bottle with curl cream/ conditioner mixed with water to freshen curls until wash day!

I’m new to embracing my curls, will your products help me during my transition?

Welcome to the strong curls club! It’s fantastic that you want to embrace and love your curls. Transitioning can be a long and sometimes frustrating process, but that’s okay, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Sometimes, when switching to new products it can take up to 4 weeks before you see any real changes. If you notice your hair not reacting the way you expected, by either becoming dryer or more greasy, this is a symptom of your hair adjusting to the natural goodness of Bouclème, especially if your previous products have been high in (the bad kind of) sulphates, parabens and silicones. Your hair will need a little time to get familiar with all the natural ingredients in Bouclème!

You’ll know that the products are working when you start to notice your curls are more defined, shiny and have volume.

When using Bouclème products, here are some of the changes you can expect to happen when transitioning:

After 1 month  - You will start to notice small changes such as softer more defined curls.

3 -6 months - Your curls should last much longer than usual, retaining more moisture before needing to be refreshed, you might even be able to go longer before needing to wash again. You may also see the damaged ends of your hair, and this would be a great time to get a trim (or cut) to allow for new healthier hair to grow.

6-12 months  - You’ll feel more confident with your curls, you have more definition, more bounce and more nourished curls that shine!

*Please note that our products work best together and using a range of other products will impact the effectiveness of our products.

I'm a blogger and would love to collaborate.

We’re flattered that you’d like to collaborate with us! Whilst we do receive a lot of enquiries, we are happy for you to email us with a link to your social media and blog and a member of our team will be in touch should a collaboration opportunity arise.

Do you know any curl specialists in my area?

Here is a list of Curl Specialists we currently work with:

Lindsey Hughes Curl Whisperer - London (IG @lindseyhughescurlwhisperer)
Standard Studio - London (IG @the_standardstudio)
The Curly Look Dublin, Saulo (IG @thecurlylookdublin)
Cathy McNulty - Dublin (IG @thecurlartist)
Curl Confidence, Shropshire (IG @nikkisampsoncurlconfidence)
Curl Love, Southampton (IG @fabcurllove)
Laura Murphy at Ritz Hair Galway, Dublin (IG @laurashairspace)
Blew Belle, Sarah, Cornwall (IG @cornwallcurlspecialist)
Claire Lendon, Devon (IG @the_curl_consultant_claire)
Girl On Curl, Bristol & Chesterfield (IG @girl.on.curl)

Curl Clinic, West Yorkshire, (IG @thecurlclinic)

David & David: Plymouth, (IG @davidanddavidhairsalon)

Alex Cruzel: France, (IG @alexcruzel)



I would like to sell Bouclème products in my shop…

We love that you’d like to sell Bouclème in your store or salon! Please fill out our Wholesale Enquiries Form. We can then review and get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have any vacancies or internships available?

We are happy to keep your CV on file should an opportunity arise. Please email your CV & Cover Letter to info@boucleme.co.uk

Do you have any discount codes?

You can sign up to our newsletter for 10% off your first purchase. For any other discount codes, please keep an eye on our social media and/or email newsletters.

Where can I buy your products?

You can view our full list of stockists here on our stockists page.

Where can I buy your products in the US?

Our US stockists include Ayla Beauty and Alrossa, or directly from our website.

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