Our sweet move to sugarcane...

It’s true you might love a chocolate brownie or three, but there’s another place where sugar is a hit – plastic.

Here at Boucleme, we have a passion for the planet, and that’s why we’re harnessing the power of sugar and introducing a new eco-friendly initiative: our packaging. At the moment, we’re ticking the box for recyclability, but that’s not enough for us. We’re going a step further and making our 300ml plastic bottles more environmentally friendly so that we, and you, are doing what we can to care for our world. 

So where does sugar come in?

Through using plastic made with the by-products of sugarcane waste, our bottles help to reduce the damage and pollution caused by the manufacture of oil-based plastics. And here’s how:

1. Being plant-based, sugarcane plastic doesn’t deplete fossil fuel reserves. Traditionally made from fossil fuel, oil-based plastic greedily consumes them.

2. During the production process, sugarcane bio-plastic generates fewer CO2 emissions than its oil-based counterpart.

3. Sugarcane is a renewable source. Fossil fuels aren’t.

Sounds good? Yes. But will you notice any difference in the look and feel of your new bottle? The reassuring answer is no. Sugarcane plastic retains the same chemical properties as conventional plastic, which means you won’t detect any negative change in appearance or performance. And what’s more, you can recycle it in the same way as any other plastic bottle. We hope you like it.

Everything we do at Boucleme is underpinned by our belief in sustainability and the precious future of our environment. The last thing we want is for your curls to have a great big carbon footprint. However, we won’t sugarcoat the truth: sugarcane plastic is not a total solution to the world’s ‘plastic problem’. Nevertheless, it’s going in the right direction and we’re happier. As well as this, we’re not just sitting back – we’re working hard to improve our packaging even more. By making these changes, we really can help to preserve our truly amazing ‘blue planet’. 

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Hi! Are the smaller bottles and gift sets also made with sugar-cane?

Katrina June 15, 2020

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