Protective Styling for well nourished, healthy hair

I’ve recently embarked on a protective styling journey as I’ve drastically been wanting to increase the health of my hair. Not that’s it’s particularly unhealthy, but I trimmed my ends a couple of weeks ago and I really want to make sure that I retain the healthy split-free ends for as long as possible in order to retain as much length as possible. 


If you’re not sure what protective styling is, it refers to styling your hair in a way that it’s protected from the harsh weather conditions that we experience during the Winter, from the woolly jumpers and scarves that we wear and from anything that might cause unnecessary friction and wear and tear on the hair. 

Styles that help with this are twists, braids, buns - basically any style where the hair is not worn loosely and where the ends are tucked away so that nothing can get to them. 

One protective style that I like to wear my hair in is these 3 flat twists with a low bun. The reason I like it is because it’s easy to create and doesn’t take much time, but still looks chic and sophisticated. One can also choose to dress it up with the deadlock beads as pictured. 

I typically start the style on freshly washed damp hair. Then I section off my fringe in the front, and tie the rest back into a ponytail. I proceed to apply the Boucleme Curl Cream which is a great moisturiser and apply it to my entire fringe. Next I apply an oil to seal in the moisture. I’ve just started using Boucleme’s brand new Revive 5 oil  and I’m absolutely loving it because it’s a concentrate made up of 5 amazing oils which offer hydration, protection, and moisture to revive dry lacklustre curls: Moringa Oil, Mongongo Oil, Daikon Seed Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil.

Then I proceed to create 3 roll and tuck twists and secure them with a bobby pin. Following this I apply the curl cream and the oil to the rest of my hair and tie it into a low bun. If I feel like dressing up the style I add the dreadlock beads which add that extra bit of glam.

So with this style the hair in the front will be super hydrated as the twists trap a great deal of moisture and the bun will ensure that the rest of my ends are well protected. I couldn’t imagine surviving the Winter without some form of protective styling. Could you?

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