The Importance Of A Clean Scalp

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Maybe you know what it’s like, starting out your transition and one of the first things your research tells you is that shampooing is bad. And so, because you’re starting this whole new chapter you say ‘okay! No more shampoo for me!’ Understandably, you avoid it.  However, it is important to know that you can still clean your curly hair safely without ~slipping up~! That’s where ‘cleansing’ comes in. How and what’s the difference? So as I’m sure you’re aware there’s this whole no sulfates (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate) thing which is totally validated. Shampoo is like the harsh sister that...

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5 Tips on the benefits of coconut oil for protein sensitive curlies !

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In recent years, coconut oil has been presented as a miracle product for body, skin and hair care, especially in the curly hair community. It smells good, is light and non- greasy, so as a natural curly it’s very easy to love. But is it ok to use on curls that are protein sensitive? Protein sensitivity is the overreaction of hair when in comes into contact with proteins. It’s normal for hair to become a little harder after using proteins, but if it becomes dry and brittle it is possible your hair is protein sensitive. Don’t panic, it is still...

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Cleansing Your Curls

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There has been a lot of press coverage on cleansing conditioners recently. Using a cleansing conditioner (or co washing) isn't a new thing in the curly world, curly girls all over the globe having been using this method to cleanse and hydrate their curls for a long time. Cleansing conditioners provide a gentler way of cleansing hair as opposed to the harsh drying effect of sulphate shampoos. Sulphates are used in dishwashing/laundry detergents as well as engine degreasers. They strip away the natural protective oils, leaving hair and the scalp parched.  Sulphates can cause irritation to the scalp leading to itching and...

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