Beautiful, a feeling rather than a look : a Bouclème manifesto on beauty

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“You, Socrates, pray how do you know what things are beautiful and what are ugly? Come now, can you tell me what beauty is?”* Centuries ago, Socrates was discussing “what is beauty itself” with his sophist peer Hippias and Plato’s account allowed us to further the discussion. What have we learned about it since then? Decades and centuries later how would we answer this question? Would we follow Hippias in providing a list of what we consider as beautiful things ?  Would we go with a never-ending list of criteria? Is “beauty itself” defined by a list of arbitrary and...

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CURL TALK: Ana from Curly Essence

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Curl Talk is our new monthly feature where we talk to fellow curlies and find out what being curly means to them, learn about their hair journey and inspiration. This month we bring you the beautiful Ana co founder of the blog Curly Essence. What was it like growing up with curly hair? People always made comments about my hair and they weren’t always positive. My brother has curly hair and my hair is curly but more frizzy. Imagine hearing someone say your brother’s hair is better than yours? It's weird. In addition to these comments, my mother also did not like...

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