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Back to school hairstyles for naturally curly hair
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Quick and easy back-to-school hairstyles for naturally curly kids

With a new term and a new school year just around the corner, it’s time to get the kids back into the routine of early starts and hair washing nights. Long summer days are nearly behind us and hair may also need a little love to get it ready for autumn, after a lot of sun and high temperatures.

Follow these quick and easy tips to keep curly hair healthy during the academic year and create a fuss-free routine that the kids actually look forward to:

A fresh start

Instead of hairwashing on a school night, why not plan ahead and schedule wash day on the weekend? Kids get to start the week with freshly cleansed hair and everyone gets a chance to enjoy it rather than seeing it as just another thing to tick off the list.

Make sure to include a mask like our Intensive Moisture Treatment to keep your little one’s hair soft and hydrated and make detangling a breeze. Containing lavender and patchouli essential oils it may even have a calming influence on bath time!

Invest in a silk pillowcase or bonnet

Save styling time in the morning by protecting your child's hairstyle at night with a silk bonnet or a Silk Pillowcase. This can help preserve the hair's natural oils and keeps curls looking fresher for longer.

The art of refreshing

Clever use of curly hair products, such as Root Refresh can make wash day last longer. With its water-based formula, it soothes irritation and deodorises the scalp – perfect for a quick freshen-up before the school run when time is running low.

Keep hydration levels high

Fill our Mist Bottle with water and you can simply spritz and go. By refreshing the hydration levels of your child's hair daily, you’ll be reducing frizz and reactivating the products already applied on wash day.


Wash and go's are the perfect way to show off those beautiful curls, but sometimes refreshing with water is not enough to get your child’s hair to bounce back to life. Use Curl Cream on wet hair to replenish moisture or smooth and scrunch Curl Defining Gel to enhance definition⁠. Layer them together if you need moisture and definition.

Play with accessories

Headbands, scrunchies, clips, and bows can make all the difference, not just adding a bit of fun to getting ready, but by choosing something they want to wear, children can feel more confident about the day ahead. If you’re running out of time in the morning, switching up your kid’s hairstyle with the addition of a cute accessory can also offer a new look in minutes.

Curly hairstyles for the little ones

Here for the inspo? We’ve rounded up our favourite back-to-school hairstyles for naturally curly little ones to help you save time in the morning.

Braided space buns

Braided space buns

Wash and go...with a twist
Wash and go
Quick refresh 
Quick refresh

Curly hair and head lice

Our back-to-school guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning head lice. Not a glamorous topic to discuss, but since school outbreaks are inevitable, it’s vital to have a routine ready for when you might need it.

This useful tutorial focuses on how to get rid of head lice in curly hair using natural ingredients and hair products. 

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