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How do I sign up for the Strong Curls Club?

Signing up is easy! Simply create an account here, then enter your name, email, and password. It’s completely free to join and if you sign up to our newsletter you will automatically receive insider access to exclusive offers and all of our hottest new launches.

If you currently have an account with us then you’re already enrolled in our rewards programme so you can just kick back, sign in, and start earning points!

I already have an account. Do I need to create a new one to earn rewards?

No, all customers with an active account are automatically enrolled into our rewards programme.

How do I earn points?

It’s super easy, we’ll help you on your way by giving you points just for joining.

After you join, you’ll earn 1 point for every £1 (or EUR equivalent) you spend on products purchased through Bouclème website.

Aside from earning points through purchases, you can earn more simply by following us on TikTok, signing up to SMS, and more! Discover all the ways to earn under the 'Ways to earn points' section in our Rewards Page.

How do I redeem my points?

Rewards points need to be redeemed during the checkout process. Make sure you are signed in to your account before you check out.

On the checkout page you will see all your available reward points on the top right of the page.  To use your rewards, select the one you would like to redeem from the dropdown menu, then continue with the checkout process.  

You must have a minimum balance of at least 100+ points each time you would like to make a redemption and minimum spend to redeem is £60.*

Pricing within our loyalty programme is shown in £GBP, but coupons will be redeemed in your chosen currency at checkout.

I am logged into Shop Pay but unable to redeem my reward points / can’t see the dropdown menu 

Unfortunately the Shop Pay checkout doesn’t currently support the Yotpo loyalty reward module. 

To redeem your points, please checkout without Shop Pay

1. Login to your Bouclème account before checkout

2. Continue checkout without selecting ShopPay and select a different payment method

This way you should be able to see the dropdown option to redeem points.

Alternatively, if you are on the Shop Pay checkout page already:

  1. Go to the bottom of the page 
  2. Select 'checkout as a guest' to exit the page 
  3. Continue with checkout normally. 
  4. You will then be able to select your chosen redemption from the dropdown menu.

Please email info@boucleme.co.uk for further assistance.

Can I redeem rewards in conjunction with other discounts?

No, you can only redeem one promo code per order.

Where can I find all of my rewards account info?

The rewards page is your roadmap to all your points and perks. Access all your info here.

Can I return my order if I redeemed rewards points for a discount?

Yes. If you are returning the entire order, we will refund you the total amount spent after the discount was applied. The points you used to redeem the discount will also be added back into your rewards account.

I've earned points with my last purchase, but now I want to return it. What will happen to my reward?

If you use your rewards towards a purchase and later decide to return that item, your rewards will be credited back to your rewards account. For example, if you use £10 coupon (or EUR equivalent) towards a £100 purchase that you decide to return, the £90 balance will be refunded on your credit card and the £10 reward credit will be deposited back into your rewards account.

Do points ever expire?

Rewards points are valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which they are earned, plus the following calendar year.

For example: points earned anytime during the year 2022 are valid for the remainder of 2022, plus all of 2023. Points will start over at 0 on January 1, 2024.

Rewards points will expire after 12 months of Rewards account inactivity.  This means that if there is no change to your Rewards account balance (through either the addition or redemption of Rewards), all Rewards earned in the previous 12 months will automatically be removed from your account.

How is my VIP tier determined?

A twelve month timer is activated once a customer enters a tier. For example, if you crossed a tier entry threshold on March 3rd, 2022 you retain that tier until March 3rd, 2023 (assuming all other requirements are met).

To reach:

- Confident status, you must earn 100 points

- Empowered status, you must earn 250 points

How do I know which Rewards tier I am currently a member of?

When you are signed into your rewards account, check the ‘Rewards history’ tab to find out your tier.

How will I know when I have reached a new tier?

When your total points cross a tier threshold you will receive an email welcoming you into the new tier. 

Do tiers expire?

Once you are in the Inspired, Confident or Empowered tier, you will be in that tier for one year from the date you earned it. Make sure to keep interacting with our programme to maintain your status (or even move up a tier)!

I should have earned points for a purchase but I didn’t see my account balance change. Did I get credit?

Yes!  You work hard to earn points and we want you to feel confident that all of your points are right where they should be . . . in your account!  The first thing to note is that there may be a delay in our systems communicating and points could take anywhere from minutes to several hours to appear in your account.  However, if you feel like you have earned points but they are not showing up in your account you can also troubleshoot it with these tricks:

Try to refresh your browser.

Try to log out and then back in to your account.

Check your ‘Rewards history’ in your Rewards account to see if the points were added without you realising it.  Your ‘Rewards history’ will show you the number of points earned, how and when they were earned, as well as any redemptions of points made on your account.

If you still feel like your points balance is not accurate you can contact the team at info@boucleme.co.uk and we will look into the issue for you.

I’ve referred several friends but haven’t received any points for it. Is there something else I need to do?

Thank you so much for sharing us with your friends!  We really appreciate it.  

Referred friends must be a first time customer in order for both of you to receive the referral rewards.  In addition, the referral must be initiated through our rewards referral box on your personal rewards page or through the use of your unique referral link also found there. 

Points will be added to your account as soon as your friend completes their first purchase on our website.  

When this happens you will receive an email letting you know that one of your referrals made a purchase using your code and that a reward was added to your account.  You can also check your ‘Rewards History’ to see a list of any points that you have received for referrals.

How can I get a birthday reward?

Add your birthday under ways to earn points on the Rewards Page. On your birthday we will add 100 points to your account and notify you with an email.

I signed up for the birthday reward but I didn’t receive it?

Happy Birthday!  We’re so glad that you have chosen to celebrate with us through our rewards programme.  In order for you to receive your birthday reward on your birthday, you must register your birthday at least 30 days prior to your birthday.  

If your birthday falls between the day that you registered and the 30 day waiting period afterwards, you will receive your birthday bonus 30 days after your registration.  This delay is only applicable for the first year that you signed up.  

All successive birthday points will be added to your account on your birthday.  If you register your birthday through your rewards account any time after it has passed in the current calendar year, rewards will not be added to your account until the day of your birthday in the following year.  

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Strong Curls Club, my status, or account issues?

You can contact our customer care team at info@boucleme.co.uk for assistance.