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Ready to celebrate your natural curls? Want to switch to plant-based products

Join our 30 Day Challenge.

Embracing your curls, coils or waves for the first time is an exciting journey. And we’re here to help you find your rhythm.

Get ready to love your natural locks.

30 Day Guarantee

30 days to return any products that don’t suit you. T&Cs apply.

Expert support

Weekly guides and how-tos. Plus your questions answered by our experts.

A complete system

Perfectly tailored to your hair needs.

Choose the system for you

Choose the box that matches your hair’s natural curl pattern.

Not sure? Find your Curl Profile

  • Waves Kit

    Best for waves and loose curls.

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  • Curls Kit

    Best for curly hair and ringlets.

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  • Coils Kit

    Best for coils and super tight curls.

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Here to set curls free

Here to set curls free

Here to set curls free