Hair feeling limp, lacklustre and dull? Then join us on our...

30 Day Challenge

Your hair deserves better




WHY NOW? we say WHY NOT?

We think your locks deserve to be treated as best as possible, which we why we've launched our 30-Day Challenge.
Here at Bouclème, we celebrate all things curly, wavy and coily. We want you to embrace and enjoy your hair!

We've built a kit, to see you through your 30 days and more, to bring you closer to healthier, shinier and more defined curls.
If you have been using a silicone and sulphate based hair care routine so far, this will be a transition and a journey.

With our 30 Day Challenge, we're encouraging you to take a chance which your hair will be thankful for, and we'll be right here to hold your hand through the process, like with any goals you set it needs some time and commitment to really reap the benefits. .

Weekly newsletter to help you through!

We'll be right here to hold your hand through the process, sharing refresh and application tips.

30 Day Guarantee

Like with any goals you set, it takes time to reap the benefits. If you're still not happy, get in touch with us and we'll help.

Free Shipping over £50

The kits are packed and ready to go as soon as you take the leap of faith!

All Happy Reviews

Customer image

Thank god for Boucleme!

Simran+ G - Curly

I love every single Boucleme product that I've tried - Hydrating Hair Cleanser, Curl Conditioner, Curl Cream (HOLY GRAIL!!!), Intensive Moisture Treatment (just give me all of it) and the Curl Defining Gel

Customer image


Leonarda A - Coily

Everything really works well with my Afro hair! It’s really saved my curls, and made me love them again, thank you to the founder. Cant rate all the products enough. ❤️👌🏾

Customer image

Perfect, unparalleled hair rescue !!!

Gillian G. - Wavy

 When I have attempted to use other brands my hair feels heavy and coated or stripped and brittle. Boucleme products bring my hair back to life , literally!!! . Boucleme products have completely rescued my very long , weird textured temperamental hair!

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