Curl Cleanser

Wet hair

Apply to fingertips and gently massage onto the scalp

Apply more to the length of your hair

Loosely detangle

Rinse thoroughly

Curl Conditioner

After cleansing, apply generously to soaking wet hair

Comb through with fingers

Leave in to hydrate thirsty curls

Intensive Moisture Treatment

As a deep conditioning mask

After cleansing, apply on soaking wet hair

Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse

As a leave in

After cleansing, apply on soaking wet hair

Leave all the juicy goodness in and follow with stylers

Curl Cream

Apply to soaking wet hair for best results

Rake it through section by section

Also can be used on dry hair for added moisture and shine

Mix it with a little water

Squeeze into hair or spot treat individual curls

Curl Defining Gel

To control volume, elongate and prevent shrinkage:

Rake gel through hair in sections distributing evenly

Once dry, gently squeeze coils to break the cast