MY curly STORY

When did you start transitioning? Tell us about your journey - how has it impacted you?

My final decision to stop straightening my hair happened in December 2018 but I did not stop highlighting my hair until July 2020. It has been quite a trip. I remember at one point thinking that curly hair influencers had chemical treatments done and they are lying! My major breakthrough happened only after over a year of using good products and deep conditioning every wash. When I started getting compliments on my hair again I could not stop anymore, now even wearing my hair in a bun feels like losing a part of my personality!

What was your biggest hurdle while transitioning?

When I started transitioning I thought that it was a good idea to be leaving coconut oil in my hair in a bun for multiple days... Little did I know that it would dry my hair out like I am very careful with oils! 

What would be the best advice you’d give to someone that wants to start transitioning?

Stop buying EVERYTHING! Get an essential starter pack kit and start learning your techniques. Your hair will not transition immediately, it takes time (after all, we did not damage it overnight). Get one line of products and try different techniques, really test it out, give it time. I know everyone says it, but my best advice is the same as everyone’s: be patient, the results will come. 

Tell us about your passions and interests

My number one passion is certainly skiing and snowboarding! It's sad I cannot do that all year long, however, maybe that's why I appreciate it so much. I am a massive fan of mountains, I am most happy when I am there and preferably in winter. I also paint and love going to galleries (although I would like to improve on my knowledge in art history). Tennis has been a part of my life for quite some time and as a Psychology graduate I love reading about new researches about personalities and human behaviour and different cultures.  

"It was the first product that I tried by Boucleme and it is still my favourite! It gives me a very soft cast and such bouncy defined curls! It works with every styling method and is my "go-to" gel for quite a while now.


"If you want your hair to feel well moisturised but still feel very light and product free - this cream is your solution. Combined with the Curl Defining Gel they are the best combo!"

"How do I know if a mask is great? If it instantly detangles my hair - it is absolute greatness. I wish I had this treatment back when my hair was so deeply damaged..."

"This styler is great for when you need that extra hold, but my favourite discovery was using it as a gel for keeping my hair in place in a bun or other hairstyles. It keeps the frizzy baby hair slicked and doesn't flake - what else would I need?"

Curls similar to Gabija? Need advice? Email her at and follow her Instagram @GabiWithCurls 

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