Hair texture is determined by the circumference of the individual hair strand. There are three main textures - it is common to find a mixture of different textures on any one head.

Texture types


The strands of fine hair are thin and very fragile. Fine hair feels light and can be oilier than other textures. It falls flat to the head and can become easily weighed down. Fine hair has difficulty holding styles, curls are prone to dropping and hair requires extra volume and root lift.

Fine texture tips

  • Apply your conditioner from the mid section towards ends to avoid too much weight and oily roots.
  • If you have super fine loose curls you may find them perfectly hydrated with the curl cleanser alone.
  • Place duck bill clips at roots for extra root lift
  • Dry hair upside down with a diffuser to help build volume and scrunch!


Medium is the most common hair texture. Individual strands are middle range and look and feel thicker than fine hair. This texture is easily styled and curls hold well. Medium hair tends to need more moisture due to being bigger in diameter.

Medium texture tips

  • Leaving some or all of your conditioner in ensures smooth and defined curls.
  • Experiment to see how much works best for your curls and pay special attention to the driest sections.
  • Weekly conditioning treatments help to maintain optimum moisture levels and hair nourished and silky.
  • Refresh second day curls with a mixture of 1 part conditioner and 1 part cooled boiled filtered water.


Thick hair has the largest circumference of all the hair textures and is prone to being porous and losing moisture easily. Thick hair is denser and looks full. It is stronger than other textures and holds styles well. Due to the density it can take a longer to dry.

Thick texture tips

  • Maximise moisture by leaving conditioner in. If your hair is damaged or porous apply your favourite oil to drier areas to lock and seal in hydration, then follow with curl defining gel.
  • Weekly or bi- weekly deep conditioning is essential for keeping thick curls soft and supple.
  • Adding 1-2 tbsp of argan, olive or coconut oil to your conditioning treatment gives an extra moisture boost.