There are many variants on curl typing - and it can be confusing. You can have a mixture of curl types on any one head. We like to keep things simple. We believe the key to fabulous curls is understanding the particular needs of your hair.

For example:

  • How much moisture do your curls need?
  • Do your curls lose moisture quickly?
  • Is it difficult to form and hold your curls?

Once you get to know your curls, bad hair days become a thing of the past!

The three main curl types


Wavy loose S shaped curls or straight at the top with a slight bends down the length. Can be fine, medium or thick in texture.
Concerns with this hair type are creating volume, curl formation and hold

Styling loose curls

  • Avoid weighing down roots by applying conditioner from mid section to ends.
  • Create volume by grazing gel over canopy of hair and underneath. Scrunch hair up towards head and hold each section for 10 seconds. This helps encourage curl formation.
  • Drying curls with a diffuser makes curls curlier and gives greater overall volume to hair.
  • When drying use duck bill clips at roots for added lift.
  • Achieve 2nd day curls by spritzing hair with a mixture of cool boiled filtered water and gel. Scrunch and style as normal.


Medium curls loop more and are well defined. Often there is a mixture of different curls and textures on one head within this type. Medium curls have body and volume. Without enough hydration these curls will be dry and frizzy. Due to their spring factor they can also experience some shrinkage when drying.
Weekly deep conditioning treatments recommended.

Styling medium curls

  • Moisture is key to retaining defined curls.
  • Leaving some conditioner in hair boosts curl hydration. If you suffer from greasy roots apply the conditioner 1-2 inches from scalp.
  • Spritz curls with a mixture of cooled boiled filtered water and conditioner to refresh curls throughout the day and is perfect for restoring 2nd day curls.


Curls are smaller, tightly curled and dense. Tight curls tend to be thicker in texture but can be fine or mixed. They are the most porous and fragile of all the curl types. They experience a lot of shrinkage when drying (up to 75% of hair length) and need plenty of hydration to prevent dryness and frizz. Styling techniques can be used to manipulate, define and elongate curls.

Styling tight curls

  • Due to the density of tight curls care needs be to taken when cleansing. Ensure cleanser is applied to the scalp and take time to thoroughly rinse out.
  • Moisture…… Deep conditioning treatments essential to maintaining curl hydration.
  • Section and rake gel through hair from root to ends to help elongate curls and prevent too much shrinkage.
  • Avoid too much movement when drying, the more movement the more you aggravate your hair which creates frizz.
  • Twists and Bantu knots are great for adding definition and length to very tight curls.