Shake well before use.

A little goes a long way, start with 1-2 pumps

Gently squeeze into wet curls

Ensure even distribution, apply more as needed

Air dry or diffuse


For thirsty hair:

First apply Curl Cream

Follow with Super Volumising Foam

Use styling gel of choice

Finish with a few pumps of Revive 5 Hair Oil


Need more tips? Check out our Super Volumising Foam tutorials for tight curls and coils.



What’s the difference between a foam and a mousse?
A mousse is denser in consistency and a foam is more lightweight.

Do I apply it to wet or dry hair?
On wash day you can apply on wet hair for maximum benefits but can also be used to refresh dry hair in between.

Can I use any other styling products with it?
Yes, you can use Curl Cream before if your hair tends to be dry. You can also follow with one of our gels for greater definition and hold.

What kind of hold does it have?
It gives a strong hold perfect for waves and curls that drop during the day.


Can I use this to refresh my curls in between wash days?
Yes lightly dampen hair to reactivate product already in your hair. Then squeeze 1 or 2 pumps into curls where needed. Air dry or diffuse.

What hair texture is this best for?
Ideal for loose waves and curls but perfect for giving hold to coils too.