Curly Hair Hacks Whilst Travelling

I’m writing this blog post while I’m sitting in sunny South Africa and can’t help but think how fortunate I am to have been able to escape chilly England for an entire month! Of course I’m enjoying the warm weather and lazing around the swimming pool everyday, but the effects of going from the cold straight to the heat has definitely had a significantly drying effect on my hair. As this is not the first time I’ve swopped one extreme climate for another, I have, over time, come up with a few hacks that serve my hair well during the change. So here are my five top tips for keeping my curly hair in tact while travelling. 

Hydrate from the inside out

Yes, products are great to moisturise your hair, but remember that true moisture starts from within. So make sure you drink lots of water and if you’re going to be indulging in alcohol, drink one glass of water for every unit of alcohol you take in. 


Deep Condition for your life

Just because you’re on holiday and not following your usual routine, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be deep conditioning your curls, especially if you’re going to a dryer climate. Yes, you’re probably happy with the quick wash and wear lifestyle, but if you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure you lock in the maximum amount of moisture, you’ll only end up regretting it afterwards. So I’ve been using the Bouclème Intensive Moisture Treatment Travel Kit, which consists of two 50ml sachets, just perfect for travelling. I love this deep conditioner anyway, as it contains luxury ingredients such as Marula Oil, Camelia Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil, so the fact that I’ve still been able to bring it along with me in this handy sachet size is so convenient.


Decant your products into travel size containers

Decant your products into travel friendly 100 ml sized containers. Better yet, take along with you the Bouclème Complete Discovery Gift Set which contains all of Bouclème’s naturally derived hair products. I love this because I’ve been able to stick to my usual routine, without sacrificing some products because they’re too big to bring with! It also makes the perfect Christmas gift. 


Moisturise thoroughly

If you’re going to a hotter climate, moisturising thoroughly and locking it in is key! Along with using the travel size range of products, I’ve also brought along with me Bouclème’s NEW Revive 5 Hair Oil to seal in the moisture after I’ve applied the hydrating products. I’ve been loving using this oil as it protects against heat, UV rays and environmental pollutants, it minimises frizz, nourishes the scalp which prevents hair loss and dandruff and is a great all round sealant. It also comes in a 100 ml travel friendly size. In addition, I love mixing it with the Intensive Moisture Treatment just to add that extra level of moisture to my curls, which makes it truly multipurpose. 


Go to sleep with a satin scarf and use it all the time! 

Wrapping your hair up in a silk scarf when you go to sleep is a great way of keeping the moisture in overnight. To get more use out of your silk scarf you can also wear it as a head wrap during the day to protect your hair from the harsh effects of the sun, especially if you’re having a less-than-great hair day. It looks amazing and just adds that extra bit of sophistication. 


I hope these curly hair hacks help in making your next trip super easy and convenient for you and your curls!

Eleanor x

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