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Hydration hair heroes
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Hydration hair heroes | Keep your curls healthy in the sun

Summer is on the way, and with the possibility of hotter days and more humidity in the air, this is the perfect time to update your hair routine with products and habits to get your curly hair in shape for the new season.

If your hair feels dry and your wash day doesn’t last as long as it used to, read on.

Hydration vs Moisture

We often get asked what the difference is between hydrating and moisturising your curls. Hydration is connected to the hair’s inner layer and its ability to absorb and retain water. Moisture relates to the outer layer – think oils and sealants.

In a balanced routine, you’ll use curly hair products that bring hydrating water to your hair via ingredients known as humectants such as glycerin, aloe, and honey, and then use oils and butters (called emollients) to lock in the moisture.

So how do you keep your hair hydrated?

1. Up your water intake

Just as dry skin is a sign of dehydration, so is dry hair. Our body uses water in all kinds of processes, and our hair is often last on the body’s list. Add to this warmer days, when we tend to lose more liquids, and you might see dryness come on more rapidly. So be sure to drink your recommended two litres of water daily and eat water rich foods like celery, cucumber, peaches, and melon (luckily, things you might crave in warm weather). Not only will you feel refreshed, but so will your curls.

2. Layer your products
Hair Product For Curly Hair Boucleme Intensive Moisture Treatment     

Layering your curlcare products helps to lock in hydration, which slows down the rate of water evaporation throughout the day. Apply Intensive Moisture Treatment to your curls after shampooing and leave it in partially or fully (especially if you have very thick and dry hair).

Follow up with Curl Cream, an ultra nourishing leave in product to keep your curls soft and moisturised and then add your favourite stylers on top of that.

3. Seal in your products with an oil
Oil For Curly Hair Boucleme Revive 5 Hair Glow Oil

Oils feel luxurious and are rich with plant powered benefits. Complete your routine with a few pumps of Revive 5 Hair Oil to seal in all that juicy hydration. Containing virgin coconut, moringa, daikon seed, olive and mongongo oil, our potent multi use moisturiser protects your hair from UV rays and humidity. Plus, it smells incredible with a beautifully delicate blend of essential oils including rosemary, spearmint, lavender, and frankincense. The results? Longer lasting curl definition with a scent that instantly lifts your mood.

Planning a date night? Try Revive 5 Glow instead to add a subtle sheen to your hair (and your body too).

 4. Refresh your roots
Dry Shampoo For Curly Hair Boucleme Root Refresh
Scalps also need moisture and hydration to keep follicles and growing hair healthy. If you’re stretching your wash day a bit further (hey, we all want to make the most of those long sunny days and warm evenings) try touching up your roots with Root Refresh. It’s ideal for hydrating your scalp in between wash days or to refresh a protective style – think braids, locks or twists.

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