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30 days to curls challenge with Bouclème
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Laia’s 30 day challenge: a journey to curls with Bouclème

At the end of last year we challenged curly girl Laia to transform her hair in just a month with our 30 Days to Curls Kit. Laia was very frustrated with her hair – she used to brush it while it was dry every morning and she’d occasionally get straightening treatments at her local hairdresser. She realised a few months ago that her hair is actually curly and that’s when she decided to embark on a journey of loving her natural curly hair just as they are. Follow her story and get inspired to start your own journey.

Week 0

Hi everyone, I’m Laia! I decided to transform my hair with Bouclème, so I’m going to take you through my diary of what I did, week by week, and you can see the process I went through. I have frizzy, voluminous hair and very little definition. I only realised I had curly hair a few months ago – I was scrolling through Instagram when a curly hair video came up on my feed and said, ‘Does your hair look like this when you brush it and let it dry naturally? Then you probably have curly hair.’ I could totally relate to that video and that’s what inspired me to transition and embrace my hair. What I really wanted to achieve with the 30 day challenge was reduced frizz and more definition for my hair. This is my hair at the beginning of the journey:

Laia's 30 days challenge - week 0

Follow my transformation :)

Week 1

On my wash day, I used the Curl Cleanser and then followed up with the Curl Conditioner to hydrate my locks. I then styled my hair with the Curl Cream (for moisture) and the Curl Defining Gel (for definition). After two more wash days with Bouclème I can already see a transformation in my hair. I have so much more definition and my hair is becoming super curly. Also, today I left my hair to air dry for the first time. I usually prefer a bit more volume, especially at the roots, so on my next wash day I’ll try diffusing instead.

Laia's 30 days challenge - week 1

Week 2

Hi everyone! I’m here again to show you the evolution of my hair – spoiler alert, it’s getting curlier and curlier every day. These are my second day curls:

Laia's 30 days challenge - week 2

Yesterday I washed my hair and then I slept on the Bouclème Silk Pillowcase for the first time. I love the results I got – my definition is literally the same as yesterday after having slept on my curls and even before refreshing them, so I'm super excited to see how they keep up with my busy week.

Week 3

It’s Week 3 and I’m here again to share how my curls continue to change. This wash day, I've tried experimenting a little with product quantities in my routine to understand what works for me. I’ve used less Curl Cream than the previous week and because of this, my curls look less defined. Not the biggest fan of these results but it really helped me understand that I have to use more cream if I want my curly hair to feel moisturised and defined, so sharing this learning with you. See you next week!

Laia's 30 days challenge - week 3

Week 4

My 30-day challenge is coming to an end and today I’m showing you my final wash day results.

Laia's 30 days challenge - week 4

I’m glad I decided to embark on this journey – my hair now feels healthier, more moisturised, and more protected. I’m so happy I’ve found Bouclème’s products and I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about getting a 30 day kit to just go for it, it will surely be worth it. My hair has changed a lot during the last four weeks and I know it will continue to change in the next months as I keep up my new routine and continue practising all the styling techniques I've learned. The results speak for themselves:

Laia's Tranformation - Before and After

Curious to know more about my journey? Join me on Bouclème's Instagram on 24 January as I answer all your questions. I look forward to meeting you,

Laia xo

If you’re ready to make a change and embrace your natural hair, we’re here for it. Read our 10 Tips for transitioning to natural hair and set your curly hair free.

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