The Difference Between Curl Cream & Curl Defining Gel

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Before going natural, I had zero concept of ‘cream.... for hair’ and gel was this thick gelatinous stuff my mum would use to slick my hair back before school. Now as a ~fully fledged CG~ cream, gel and I? We’re like the three musketeers. Us modern curlies have defining gels and creams, frizz defense, edge control, curl activators.. custards, jelly’s, gelee’s, even cream and gel combined! But, it can be a lot to digest when deciphering what to use, when, how and why.   So what is a cream? A cream is an emulsification of oil and water. It is...

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4 Ways To Use Bouclème's Curl Defining Gel

Posted by Aliya Riyaad at

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you just how versatile the Bouclème Curl Defining Gel can be with 4 cool ways that I personally use it!   1. CURL ENHANCER FOR FLAWLESS WASH & GOS The Curl Defining Gel is the final product I use for my Wash-and-Go hairstyle. After washing and conditioning, I apply the Curl Cream and then take a few pumps of gel and smooth it over my hair whilst it’s still quite wet using the praying hands method. This smooths down the cuticles of your hair reducing frizz whilst drying. Your hair should feel quite slimy. Gross feeling but it works...

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Getting The Most Definition From Bouclème Curl Defining Gel

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It's always been difficult for me to find products that actually define my kinky curls so when I started using Bouclème's Curl Defining Gel it was like all of my natural hair prayers had been answered. Most gels that are catered for kinkier hair textures are harsh with a very strong hold but this medium hold gel defines my curls and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and crunchy. During my natural hair journey I've tried different methods and techniques to see what gives me the best definition. Follow the steps below to get the most definition you can out...

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5 Tips on the benefits of coconut oil for protein sensitive curlies !

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In recent years, coconut oil has been presented as a miracle product for body, skin and hair care, especially in the curly hair community. It smells good, is light and non- greasy, so as a natural curly it’s very easy to love. But is it ok to use on curls that are protein sensitive? Protein sensitivity is the overreaction of hair when in comes into contact with proteins. It’s normal for hair to become a little harder after using proteins, but if it becomes dry and brittle it is possible your hair is protein sensitive. Don’t panic, it is still...

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Bouclème launch event at Planet Organic

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By Margo Steeden [Article first published on Lindsey Hughes' website]UK curl brand Bouclème launched their fantastic new Curl Cream recently at Planet Organic's Flagship store and I was delighted when Michele Scott-Lynch, the founder of Bouclème, asked me along to the event. It was a joyful moment when I discovered that Bouclème's latest product was a curl cream. I love a curl cream and it is one of the staple products in my curl-styling arsenal because it's so versatile. It can be used on wet hair for awesome, curl-boosting moisture; for hydration, smoothness and definition when doing twist-outs and braids;...

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