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Transitioning to curly hair with Bouclème
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Troubleshooting While Transitioning

You've probably clicked here because you're currently riding the waves in your curly transition. Well done you! During your 30 day challenge of transitioning, you may have some questions and come across some hurdles. That's okay - it's all part of the journey and experimenting with what works for you and your curls. Here's some frequently asked questions that we receive but if you still need any further advice, please feel free to email us at


My scalp/hair feels greasy after use

If you’ve been using a foaming shampoo and are now using a non-foaming cleanser like our Curl Cleanser for the first time, your scalp will need to adjust as the sebum production transitions from overproduction to normal. This can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks. You may also need to check that you are using the product correctly, taking care to ensure the entire scalp has been cleansed, massaging firmly throughout and then rinsing out fully and effectively. This may take a couple of minutes. Inadequate cleansing may leave your scalp feeling greasy.

Finer textures that are easily weighed down may be able to skip the conditioner step altogether as hair will be cleansed and nourished using the Curl Cleanser alone. Be sure to apply to the length of your hair as well as your scalp and gently detangle. Once out of the shower go straight to your stylers.

If your scalp generally tends to be oily than we would recommend you use our Hydrating Hair Cleanser rather than the Curl Cleanser as it removes more oils than the non-foaming Curl Cleanser. 

For normal scalps, we recommend alternating between both Curl Cleanser and Hydrating Hair Cleanser for optimum moisture balance in scalp and length of hair.


My hair still feels dry and/or frizzy

Frizz is an inevitable part of being curly. An element of functional frizz is necessary for curls to have shape and volume however the balance of nicely defined curls, coils or waves should definitely be higher. If your hair looks mostly frizzy something hasn’t worked, it could be one of the following things. 1) you need to leave more or all of your conditioner in, 2) you need to ensure hair has more water when applying conditioning and styling products, 3) you need to use more conditioner, 4) if your hair loses moisture quickly you may need a layer of Curl Cream on top of the Curl Conditioner or Curl Cream and Revive 5 Hair Oil, layering really helps lock moisture into curls for longer.


My hair is difficult to detangle

Our Curl Conditioner is both super moisturising and lightweight. It is formulated with ingredients proven to penetrate the hair shaft rather than form a film on the surface which means it can feel like it has less slip than other conditioners. Slip, however, doesn’t always equate to moisture! If your hair is very tangled before washing we would suggest using some Revive 5 Hair Oil on dry hair and to detangle gently with fingers and finish with a brush. This will prevent hair from becoming more tangled when washing. Adding more water as you apply your Curl Conditioner will help hydrate and move the product through hair, making detangling easier. Do this section by section to ensure the conditioner is applied evenly throughout hair.


What curl type is the Curl Cream best suited for?

Our Curl Cream is most suited to dry thirsty curls. It’s very rich and nourishing so always start with a small amount and add more if necessary. If your hair feels heavy after use, pair back and use less next time. If curls feel dry or look frizzy try using more. Finer textures may not need this product and simply leaving some Curl Conditioner is all that is needed to create definition. Always apply to very wet hair when using on wash day. If using in between washes use ½ pump mixed with some water in the hand and then smooth, squeeze and scrunch into dry areas where needed. 

What curl type is the Curl Defining Gel best suited for?

Our Curl Defining Gel is great for all curl types. It’s lightweight and has a serum consistency so won’t weight down even the finest of textures. It can be used liberally to help set curl definition and smooth away any overnight fluff. This product has a medium hold and needs to be applied to very wet hair to achieve the best results. 


What curl type is the Super Hold Styler best suited for?

Our Super Hold Styler is a firm hold gel most suited to waves and loose curls that tend to drop during the day. It’s also perfect for shorter hairstyles, for holding fringes or for creating a smooth sleek ponytail/bun. It can be used with the Curl Defining Gel for the ultimate in definition and hold.


I have an itchy, flaky scalp.

An itchy scalp can be caused by many different things. 1) scalp is stripped of natural oils from too much shampoo, 2) inadequate cleansing 3) dandruff or 4) allergies or sensitivities. You’ll need to work out what is causing yours, try keeping a diary to see if there is a pattern. For persistent scalp issues we recommend seeking help from a professional trichologist.

Detergents in foaming shampoos can be drying on the scalp as they’re designed to remove oils and do so effectively. We use gentle detergents in our Hydrating Hair Cleanser however cleansing every other day with this could cause dryness in the scalp. Some scalps benefit greatly from alternating Hydrating Hair Cleanser with the Curl Cleanser, this method is great for maintaining optimum moisture balance in the both scalp and length of hair.

When switching to a non-foaming cleanser for the first time it can take a while to become familiar with the technique so incorrect cleansing may contribute to an itchy scalp. Follow these steps until it becomes second nature. Apply the cleanser to your fingertips and massage onto your scalp starting at the front of your head adding a more to your fingertips as you work your way down the sides, middle and back of your head. Once applied to your entire scalp massage firmly in a circular motion using your fingertips for at least 1-2 mins. This stimulates blood circulation and ensures any dead skin cells are lifted off and can be readily rinsed out.

If you’re a regular co washer using our Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo once every 4-6 weeks is perfect for exfoliating your scalp and giving hair a deep cleanse.

If you’re prone to a dry itchy scalp we recommend using 1-3 pumps of our Revive 5 oil into your hands and massaging throughout the scalp, leave on overnight to absorb into the scalp and cleanse (Hydrating Hair Cleanser for fine textures) in the morning.

We use natural essential oils to fragrance our products which smell amazing but can be a potential allergen for those with sensitivities. Should you experience any irritation on using our products stop using and please let us know.

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I love Boucleme products – whenever I try others I always end up returning. Now more so than now – I’m growing out my short textured crop and reminding myself Of my curly hair (fine loose curls that can also go into ringlets). But my curls can flatten – what do you recommend as an in between wash pep up? Thanks!

Lizzie Francke

I’ve just started embracing my hair since lockdown after using straightners every day for 15 years. It’s between a curl and toulsed at the moment and even straight in some areas. It was curly before I started straighting it. Definitely frizzy or just dry iam not sure, it did tend to be frizzy. I’ve looked at your products but not sure if to go for waves or curls. I would appreciate your advice before I buy! Thank you.☺️


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