So, week 1 is done... let's talk about it

How did it go for you?

Your hair needs time to adjust to new a haircare system. It's very common to experience a transitional period as the scalp and hair detox, so your hair may behave differently.

You may find that your roots feel oilier for example. This can happen as the scalps oil production goes from over production to normalising as you're using less stripping detergents in the Hydrating Hair Cleanser. This can take 4-6 weeks to normalise so please be patient, things will improve. 

Working out your application amounts may take some time - key points to look out for are if hair feels dry or looks frizzy, you'll need to leave more or all of your Curl Conditioner in. If waves are fluffy you may need to apply more gel. Ensure styling products are being applied to very wet hair for optimum definition.

Make a note of your good curl days so you can see what has worked consistently or what hasn't!

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