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four bottles of Bouclème's range of fragrance free products for curly hair

Sensitive skin? Let’s celebrate.

The days of choosing between amping up your curls and listening to your skin are done. With fragrance free versions of your Bouclème favourites, you can do both.

We’ve gone back to basics and skipped the essential oils. So you get all that curl-defining power you know and love, minus the scent for zero irritation.

Smells like incredible curlcare.

  • Bouclème's fragrance free curl cleanser

    Fragrance Free Curl Cleanser

    Kick off with our Curl Cleanser to clean your hair while retaining moisture.

  • Bouclème's fragrance free Curl Conditioner

    Fragrance Free Curl Conditioner

    Next, load up on our Curl Conditioner which detangles and protects.

  • Bouclème's fragrance free Curl Cream

    Fragrance Free Curl Cream

    Fresh from the shower, reach for our Curl Cream, to soften and define those locks.

  • Bouclème's fragrance free Curl Defining Gel

    Fragrance free Curl Defining Gel

    Then, layer on our Curl Defining Gel, to smooth and set your spirals with long-lasting effect.


Dermatologically approved, fragrance free.

The range is dermatologically approved and suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive or reactive, or if you have allergies.

So, go fully fragrance free to treat your delicate skin to some TLC.

 dermatologically approved

clinically tested

safe for skin

Stellar curlcare. Zero fragrance.

Stellar curlcare. Zero fragrance.

Stellar curlcare. Zero fragrance.