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Quench Your Skin & Hair On #ThirstyThursday

It’s #ThirstyThursday so we've brought you the key products that will keep your skin and hair hydrated today and always.

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Your Wedding Magazine June 2016
Look | April 2016

Whether you’ve got beachy waves or fully fledged spirals, our beauty team put the latest swirl shapers to the test…
Look June 2016
Star | April 2016
Hello! | April 2016
Hello! Fashion Monthly | May 2016

This Weeks Style List

Bouclème’s silky Curl Cream will define natural curls without weighing them down

Stylist June 2016
Marie Claire | May 2016
Stylist | March 2016

7 Products Every Curly Haired Girl Needs In Their Life

Head full of wild and wonderful curls? Then read over this...

Closer June 2016
The Sunday Times Culture | March 2016

Calling All Curly Girls

Having curly hair myself, I know the struggle of trying to find the right products, routine and tools that will give you the finish you're looking for.

55 Factory June 2016

The Beauty Report : Class of 2016

From flashes of blue and a new take on the plait to fragrance layering and the latest skin treats – here’s what’s new for the year ahead.

Matches Fashion June 2016
Suitcase Magazine

The best curly hair products are out there - but it's a truth universally acknowledged that it's hard to find what works for your specific hair type.


Marie Claire June 2016
The Daily Mail | March 2016
Stylist | February 2016

Bouclème redefines curls

The product is made with virgin coconut oil, coconut fruit extract, kukui oil, shea butter and castor oil and is designed to revive tired, lacklustre curls, adding shine and banishing frizz.

Beauty News June 2016


As a Curly Ambassador I received the new UK based Bouclème line to try out and review.

Curls Understood June 2016
Reveal | May 2016

6 Ways To Combat Frizzy Hair

Warm weather’s nice, isn’t it? Hmm, yes, lovely – except when combined with humidity.

The Pool June 2016
MARCH | 2016
Good Housekeeping | June 2016

What Is Hair Plopping?

And why is everyone doing it? Sounds weird. Seems to work. Meet plopping the tress trend for creating defined curls without heat 

Elle June 2015

The 11 New British Brands to Know

Presenting the newest British brands to check out now

Allure June 2015
Glamour | May 2015

Sulphate Free Shampoos for Curly Hair

My other discovery: Bouclème, which is an SLS and silicone-free range created especially for curly girls which, first things first, is SO prettily packaged. It looks great in the shower (never hurts!).

Jen on Beauty | March 2015 March 2015



The Best British brands for coarse curls

Best for all curly types with no nasties

Bouclème is a new brand in the market. I tested the Curl Cleanser, Curl Conditioner and Curl Defining Gel and couldn't be more obsessed. 

Cosmopolitan | March 2015 March 2015
Marie Claire | March 2015
Black Hair | Feb/March 2015

New Year Favourites 

"This is a brand I've fallen head over heels for and learnt some interesting lessons on curly hair, I did a post a while back about my holy grail rules of the curly locks and kinda wish I knew about these products to include them in my everyday curl hair routine!"

Stephi LaReine | January 2015 January 2015

Pride | January 2015

A natural solution for curly hair - Bouclème Products

"Once that conditioner hits your hair it practically melts away all the tangles and leaves your hair smooth and silky….to the point where I start to wonder HOW a natural product could create such amazing results."

Bewildered Bug | January 2015 January 2015
Pure Beauty | December 2014

Boucleme Review by Maria Cruz

"Hey guys, I've been trying out Bouclème hair products during the month of November. I wanted to wait until I had really tried and tested them before I shared them with you guys on here. They definitely get my seal of approval" 

Maria Cruz's World | December 2014 January 2015

I'm Washing My Hair by Eleanor Tucker

"Finally, something else that has perked up my hair washing routine – a towel. But not any towel, it’s Boucleme Curl Towel (£19), and this little beauty dries your hair in half the time, thanks to its 46% bamboo – but it doesn’t mess up your curls, if you have them. A phenomenal frizz-fighter."

Stylenest | November 2014 January 2015

A-Z of of what stood out, surprised and delighted the Psychologies team in 2014

Psychologies | November 2014

How to avoid frizzy curls in drizzly, damp weather »

"Curl expert Michele Scott-Lynch's, founder of curly hair brand Bouclème 5 top tips for avoiding frizzy, fluffy situations and what to do in an emergency"

Cosmopolitan | 7 November 2014 January 2015

Beauty Crush: Boucleme by Michele Scott-Lynch »

“Boucleme have won some serious beauty points for their fresh and fabulous new range of hair products. Gone are the mornings of harmful straightening and tonging, but instead adopting Boucleme’s simple routine could mean the war on frizz can finally be won.”

The Clothes Maiden | November 6 2014 January 2015

The Green Edit: British sourced beauty buys »

Proudly conceived, created, and manufactured in the UK, founder Michele Scott-Lynch works in collaboration with leading chemist and specialist perfumer based in the South West of England to create her range of zero-foam haircare from here, formulated specifically for curls.

The Telegraph | 7 November 2014 January 2015

Christmas gift ideas: Presents for natural beauties »

Get The Gloss | 24 November 2014 January 2015
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