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Find the right cleanser for your curly hair
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Cleansers 101 - The Guide

Every step in the Bouclème curl system is important. Moisture and definition work together so each product in our 3 steps affect your final result. Cleansing is the first step and sometimes the trickiest. Here are 4 tips that will help you navigate to the right cleanser for your curl type and texture and how best to use it.

1 - Your hair needs time to adapt from the products and system you were using before. If you were using a foaming shampoo with harsh sulfate-based detergents, your scalp needs time to rebalance as oil levels go from overproduction to normalising roots can feel greasy. This transition can take up to 6 to 12 weeks.

2 - Other products in your routine also need to be considered:

  • Regular use of oils, heavy butters or silicones can build up.  Our Curl Cleanser is gentle, designed to remove dead skin and rebalance the natural oil levels so not best suited to remove this type of build up. Hydrating Hair Cleanser is best for this, it can remove oils, thick butters and water soluble silicones. Most silicones are non water soluble and require a sulfate based shampoo to remove them effectively.
  • Our products are tested and designed to work perfectly together. Using products from other systems alongside our range might affect and change the results.

3 - The frequency of your shampoos will impact the needs of your scalp and hair :

  • If you wash your hair once a week or less : double cleanse with either the Hydrating Hair Cleanser or Curl Cleanser or use both depending on how greasy your roots feel. If using both start with the Hydrating Hair Cleanser massage firmly onto scalp. Rinse then apply the Curl Cleanser again directly onto scalp, apply more to the length of your hair and loosely detangle. Take your time to rinse thoroughly then follow with your normal routine.
  • If you have normal to dry scalp and wash your hair 2 or more times a week, use our Curl Cleanser. Massage into your scalp, apply more to the length  and finger detangle before rinsing.
  • If you have an oily scalp, fine hair or loose waves/curls use the Hydrating Hair Cleanser. One wash is enough daily cleansing. If washing once or twice a week be sure to double cleanse.

4 - The condition of your scalp determines which cleanser is best for you

  • Oily scalp = Hydrating Hair Cleanser always
  • Normal scalp = alternate between both Curl Cleanser & Hydrating Hair Cleanser to keep moisture levels balanced
  • Dry scalp =  Curl Cleanser. Use Hydrating Hair Cleanser for a deeper cleanse once a month or as needed.

Bouclème CleansersExperiment and explore what works best for you. Be patient, when trying a new system we recommend using for at least 4 weeks to truly see the effects. There is no quick fix, growing healthy and strong hair is a long term process. Enjoy the journey!

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What’s the difference between the hydrating hair cleanser and the hydrating shampoo? Is it just the scent?

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