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How To Define Your Curls With Bouclème’s Curl Definition Hair Products
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How to define your curls with Bouclème’s curl definition hair products

Soft, shiny waves, super-defined ringlets, bouncy coils … What curl definition products are you using to achieve your definition goals?


Whether you’re looking for a soft, medium or strong hold, discover our naturally powerful curl-defining heroes and how to fit them into your routine.

Moisturise your thirsty curls

Woman with black afro coily hair using Boucleme's curl cream

First up, curl definition cream.

A curl cream is designed to enhance and define curls. It usually contains moisturising ingredients that help quench dry curls while reducing frizz and enhancing shine.


Our Curl Cream is powered by coconut fruit extract for smoothing curls, organic shea butter to seal in moisture and castor oil for hydration and strength. It’s the perfect leave-in for dry, thirsty curls, coils and strands because it helps with moisture retention, definition and shine.


For best results, apply to soaking wet hair on wash day, gently scrunching the hair to encourage curl formation, and then air dry or diffuse with a hair dryer. You can also use it to refresh hair in between wash days when strands need a hit of moisture.

Keep those curls in check with our curl gels

Next up, gels. We have two in our main range: Curl Defining Gel and Super Hold Styler.


Boucleme's Curl Defining Gel for curly hair

Our Curl Defining Gel is a medium-hold gel, perfect for smoothing and setting definition, and suited for all curl types. It has a serum-like consistency and dries to a soft cast.


The Super Hold Styler is a strong-hold gel, ideal for all curl types but particularly for looser waves and curls that drop during the day. It keeps curls in check for longer and enhances shine, too.


Both help define curly hair, reducing frizz and flyaways and are usually the last step in your styling routine.

Layer your curl definition products for optimum results

woman with black curly hair using Bouclème curly hair products

We recommend layering Super Hold Styler on top of Curl Defining Gel to achieve next-level definition and hold. Start by applying our Curl Defining Gel to soaking-wet hair and rake through in sections to distribute evenly. Next, pour Super Hold Styler into your palms, scrunch and hold sections for a few seconds to encourage curls.


If you have particularly thirsty hair, you can use the Curl Cream and then layer your Curl Defining Gel or Super Hold Styler on top. This layering helps trap moisture into the hair for longer.


Have finer strands or hair that’s weighed down easily? Skip the cream (but try leaving some conditioner in your hair instead) and go straight into the gel.

What’s a gel cast?

This is one question we get asked a lot! A gel cast is the crunchy feeling in your hair after it dries and is usually a result of your styling products’ ingredients setting and holding your strands.


It helps hold the curls in place for longer. You can choose to keep your hair in a gel cast (it will release over the course of a few hours/days depending on hair texture).


If you’re not a fan of the ‘crunchy’ feeling, you can gently break it.

How do I release or break my gel cast?

Once your hair is fully dry, tip your head forward, rub one or two drops of Revive 5 Hair Oil between your palms and gently squeeze in an upward motion to ‘scrunch out the crunch’ and reveal soft, defined curls.


If you’re struggling to get a gel cast, this is normally the result of two things. You’re either not using enough gel or you may be applying too much conditioner or cream to your hair.


When styling, divide your hair into sections to ensure your gel is evenly applied and try reducing the amount of Curl Cream you use – this product is super moisturising and a little goes a long way.


Discover our perfect definition routine below, featuring our best products for curl definition. Happy styling!

Your new step-by-step curl definition routine

1. Apply curl definition cream

Apply a few pumps of Curl Cream to freshly cleansed, conditioned and detangled hair, and distribute evenly. If your hair is on the thicker side, try dividing it into sections to help with product distribution. If you have finer hair, skip this step completely but remember to leave some of your conditioner in your curls for a mini moisture boost.

2.  Distribute the product evenly

Rub your palms together to spread the product and finger rake downwards or use a brush to ensure all strands are coated.

3 Apply gel for long-lasting curls

Use Curl Defining Gel for a medium hold with a softer cast, Super Hold Styler for a stronger hold or layer them together for super-defined, long-lasting curls.


To apply, start with Curl Defining Gel (and make sure your hair is still soaking wet) and rake through in sections to distribute evenly. Next, pour Super Hold Styler into palms, scrunch and hold sections for a few seconds to encourage curls.

4 Wick away moisture with a curl towel

Scrunch out excess water with our Curl Towel to shorten drying time and encourage curl definition.

5 Diffuse or allow to air dry

Diffuse on a low/medium heat and low-speed setting for around 20 minutes and then leave to air dry. Avoid touching hair until completely dry to prevent ruffling and flyaways.

6 Scrunch out the crunch

Once hair is 100% dry, gently scrunch hair with a few drops of Revive 5 Hair Oil to release any cast formed by your styling products. And voilà – super-defined curls are yours.


We hope that helps! Remember every head of curls is unique. We’re here to help you embrace your hair and explore what techniques and products work best for you.


Learn more about curl types and textures on our curlcare page or send us a selfie showing your hair to our team of curl experts for more personalised tips.

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