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Sun Protection For Hair
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Sun Protection For Hair: How To Limit UV Damage To Your Curls

When the temperature ramps up over the summer months, or when the sun finally makes an appearance in the UK (where the Bouclème team is based), we’re usually on the ball with sunscreen for our skin. 

But what about sun protection for hair? It’s easy to forget about our tresses, but many of us are struggling with parched, brittle hair by the end of the summer. 

UV rays can leave curly hair dehydrated and frizzed and bleached or coloured hair muted. And if you’ve spent time, effort and £££ on your locks, you certainly don’t want the sun to reduce them to a dried-out, faded mass of split ends. 

Welcome to your ultimate guide on protecting your hair from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Here’s how you can keep your curls bouncy, shiny and healthy all summer long.

Why UV protection is essential for your curls

Just as we protect our skin with sunscreen, our hair deserves the same level of care. Sun exposure can significantly impact our locks, especially curly hair, leading to dryness, frizz, and even colour fading.  

Curly hair is naturally more prone to dryness because the natural oils from the scalp have a harder time travelling down the twists and turns of curls, coils and waves. Add sun exposure to the mix, and you’re looking at potential damage that can leave your curls frizzy, brittle and lifeless. The sun’s UV rays can strip your hair of its natural moisture, weaken the hair shaft, and accelerate colour fading. 

But help is at hand. You’re just a spray away from the secret to protecting your hair not only from the summer sun but also from pollution, heat tools, brushing and humidity

How to incorporate UV hair protection into your routine

You wouldn’t think of heading to the beach without sun cream – this is your reminder to pack something for your hair too! Research has shown that excessive sun exposure is the most damaging factor to the structure of our hair, with UVA rays fading colour and UVB leading to breakage. Incorporating UV hair protection into your routine is simple and essential for maintaining healthy curls. Here’s how: 

Bouclème’s Curl Defence Spray

Bouclème’s Curl Defence Spray is your hair’s best friend this summer. This nourishing, non-greasy, water-based spray shields your strands from UV rays, pollution, humidity, brushing and heat styling tools up to 230 degrees. 


Curl Defence Spray - how to use


It’s rich in antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that boost elasticity, reduce protein loss and minimise breakage. Perfect for all curl types, it’s an essential addition to your summer hair care routine.

Sun protection for hair: Bouclème style

Our antioxidant-rich and hydrating defence formula is packed full of plant-powered ingredients that pack a punch when it comes to UV hair protection.

1. Long-lasting style

Fructose and polyporus umbellatus (mushroom) extract prevents protein loss from heat tools and reduces the swelling of hair strands in reaction to water, providing long-lasting styling, even in high humidity.

2. Ultra-moisturising

Sodium hyaluronate keeps the hair shaft hydrated, making it easier to comb and brush, decreasing breakage and promoting body, resilience and softness. Organic aloe vera hydrates and deep conditions.

3. Strengthens and conditions

Natural betaine from sugar beet penetrates into the cortex (the mid-layer of a strand of hair, sandwiched between the core and cuticle) to strengthen hair structure, conditions, reduces frizz, and protects against environmental stress and dehydration.

4. Prevents colour fade

Antioxidants caesalpinia spinosa fruit pod extract and helianthus annuus sprout extract protect and repair hair, helping to prevent colour fading.

How to use Bouclème’s Curl Defence Spray

Apply daily

Make it a habit to apply Curl Defence Spray daily, just like you would with sunscreen for your skin. Whether you’re heading to the beach or just out for the day, spritz your curls to keep them protected. Over time, this will become second nature and ensure your hair stays in top condition.

Shake well and spray evenly throughout damp, clean hair from root to tip before stepping out into the sun or using heat styling tools. 

Works with our Seal + Shield collection

Curl Defence Spray perfectly complements our glycerin-free Seal + Shield collection for juicy defined curls, coils and waves, even in humid climes. 

Dew and humidity can affect your hair by over-saturating the strands with moisture. Many curly hair products contain humectants like glycerin, an ingredient that absorbs water and helps draw moisture into your hair when you need it most. It’s great for curly hair that dries quickly and works best during normal conditions, when the dew point is between 2-16°C/35-60F. 

However, when humidity levels are high, glycerin continues to absorb moisture, leaving your follicles bloated, limp and frizzy. Not good! Help is at hand with the Seal + Shield collection. It keeps humidity out and definition IN so you can have shapely curls whatever the weather.

Four more UV hair protection hacks 

1. Cover up and stay in the shade

Protect your hair from direct sun exposure by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or a chic silk scarf. This not only shields your curls but also adds a stylish touch to your summer look. We love our Bouclème x Preen Scarf, designed with British brand Preen using their iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels. 


Bouclème's Preen Scarf for wrapping curly hair

Whenever possible, seek shade during peak sun hours to reduce UV damage. Your hair will thank you for the extra protection!

2. Keep it moisturised

Deep conditioning treatments are crucial to keep your curls hydrated. Bouclème’s award-winning Intensive Moisture Treatment helps replenish lost moisture, keeping your hair soft and frizz-free. Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, a deep-conditioning mask or a leave-in. 

3. Protect your colour

For those with colour-treated hair, Bouclème’s Colour Toning Drops are a game-changer. They neutralise brassiness caused by sun exposure and keep your colour vibrant and fresh. Enriched with deep indigo hues from blue spirulina, these toning drops can be added to your shampoo and conditioner, stylers or deep conditioning treatments.

4. Limit heat tools

Avoid using heat styling tools wherever possible. If you must use them, always apply a heat protectant like Curl Defence Spray to minimise damage and maintain your hair’s health. 


Don’t let UV rays, humidity, or pollution dull your shine this summer – protect, nourish, and celebrate your beautiful curls every day. By incorporating Bouclème’s Curl Defence Spray and these essential summer tips into your routine, you’ll keep your curls looking their best all season long.

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